The next Journey

Greetings from Dubai

We had a wonderful day that went by quickly. Samson and Hannah took us to the Dubai Mall and other sights. this was the aquarium inside the mall, my phone camera doesn’t do it justice. Hannah may have tagged me on some photos in facebook to get a better look.

This was the bus ride to the mall, we first took the metro then the bus. See Hannah smiling!

Afterwards, we were so tired that we slept in a darken room. Housekeeping came knocking at the door and I told them no cleaning now. When I looked at the clock I thought it said 5:45. I couldn’t figure out why they would come so early to clean. I fell back to sleep, the next time I woke the clock said 11:45. I thought the clock was broken.  My children know I never sleep in!  8:00 am would be sleeping in for me not noon! We were to be ready for lunch at 1:00!  So we quickly got ourselves ready.

The church service began at 3:30 pm and we needed to leave by 2:30 to get there. There are 7 Emirates in the united Emirates, Dubai being one of the seven, the church was in an adjoining emirate, I will have to look at a map to tell you the name but is was south I believe.  Sharjha maybe the name of the area we were in.

The music had already begun when we arrived. They ushered us to the platform. It is always amazing to join in praise with people of other nations.  We soon become one family.  This is a Tamil Indian speaking church community.  After music, prayer offering and communion it was about 4:15 Chuck was given the microphone he introduced me and I shared a few words then Chuck taught out of Galatians 5:22 on the fruit of the spirit against such there is no law.   In an Arab world where there are many rules there is no rule against walking in unconditional love that comes from God.

New doors of friendship were open to us today. We were asked to return and come to the church any time we are traveling east to come to Dubai, the Pastor has 4 churches and wants to return and speak in each one.

After the service the Pastor and family asked us to join them for lunch. Hannah and Sam came along and we were shown many places  and taken to a wonderful Arab restaurant. The best hummus, pita bread and kabobs I have ever had.      

He then drove us out to the palms which are famous in Dubai. We also saw the city of Atlantis. We prayed together on the sidewalk overlooking the sea.

This Pastor has great vision and zeal and is an inspiration to any that will listen.

It was a great day with new and wonderful friends.  We are back in our hotel room ready to sleep, our plane leaves for Chennai tomorrow afternoon so we will get the chance to see a bit more of Dubai before we leave.

We are so happy to get to spend time with Hannah and Samson. We had lunch in their small flat and blessed them as they have been such a blessing to us!  What a great future this young couple has together. They call us Auntie and Uncle and we feel like we are just that. It is our honor to be called family.

Love, Chuck and Connie


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