Sam’s Story

Samuel 2017


My story is my mum had me when she was 20 years old with a guy who left her after she begun to get sick. After he left my mum, she become very stressed and that caused her to go into a coma. After recovering from the coma she could no longer talk and she became paralyzed in half of her body (stroke).

She had left me with my grandma who was very old and she could not work, not only was she elderly but also very poor. Unable to even buy milk for the baby (me) was a problem. My mum used to come to visit me but I was afraid of her because she could fall down anytime and unable to speak.

I never used to go to school because school fees was the greatest issue as well. But through the favor of God my mum met Pastor Victor of the Father’s House and that’s how I got help. 

I have now completed high school with good grades and believe the same God who opened a way so I could study high school will now provide for my college education. I desire to work with computers. 


WE first met Sam in 2005 as just a small boy, shy and quiet.  This past December, we asked him to speak at the Youth Advance. He stood up with boldness and said “I am going to tell you a story I have never told anyone before”.  He told us the story of his early childhood and what he went through. It was terrible and wonderful because of all he was able to overcome.  He shared how God brought him out and placed him in the children’s home. What a humbling experience for us to hear his story, to feel his pain and to see this wonderful young boy becoming a man of integrity and joy.  I introduce him to you, my friends in hopes your heart will be touched and together we can financially assist him through college. Sam has always been a deep thinker, full of quiet dreams.  Sam is a hard worker with a servant’s heart. I know he will go far. I just want to continue to be a part of his success.  Let’s make 2017 a year of dreams fulfilled.


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