From Dubai to Chennai

Greetings from Chennai,

We had a good flight from Dubai to Chennai; not many on the plane and there was room for us stretch out.  It is the 150th anniversary of MADRAS HIGH COURT  and so the plane before us had VIP’s on it! The Plane was ordered to circle overhead until the security was in place for the VIP.  And here we thought we were VIP’s!   No wonder we are told not to take the best seats at the table unless invited, there may be someone more important than you!  Like the President of India.

Once they allowed us to land, everything was smooth. Our luggage arrived with us( first time in 3 trips)  and Sam and Beaulah arrived at the airport just as we came out the door. All timing was perfect.  The roads are under construction as they are building new highways throughout and it is the rainy season!  So the roads in the neighborhoods look impassable! Silly me, after stopping to ask the cows to move from the roadway we drove onto the side of the road and made it almost to Sam’s front door. Sam and Beaulah had to get out and walk as the driver thought the car would bottom out.

Sam and Beaulah bought a new bed just for missionaries; it is very nice. They store it away until the next missionary comes this way. We slept well, as well as I could. I can’t seem to figure out what time it is and even though I am tired my mind remains active until about 4 am then I fall into a deep sleep just in time to wake for the day. Which today was 6 am as the government turns off the electricity every day from 8 am to 9am.  So we had to have our showers, ironing and breakfast done before 8. Which was fine as the service began at 9 am.

I wore my Sari, the woman who made it 2 years ago was at church and was so happy to see me wearing it. She did a good job. They put several seams in the side you can let out to adjust the fit  and so yes I had to adjust it before I left home to allow for the extra weight I have somehow mysteriously added to my frame.

The service begins with singing in Tamil and they forget we can’t understand one word. So we pray, clap, hum. They always amaze me with such sincere worship. This was a 3 hour service and our part was maybe an hour. Afterwards each came to us to greet us and ask for prayer as a family. Chuck found a moth on the wall to use as part of his sermon illustration. This moth fluttered for the whole service at the artificial light wearing himself out. It was probably 5 inches in wing span.  Jesus said you are the light of the world don’t wear yourself out looking at the wrong light. John 1:1-9.

We were so happy to be in the new church building. Just 2 years ago it was short walls and the inside filled with sand it had been that way for 10 years. It was 2 years ago Chuck said to have the congregation stand in the middle and take a picture because it was time to finish the work.  The next year they had removed the sand cleaned up the yard and we walked the floor with Sam telling of the plan and vision for the building. Chuck encouraged them to move the church from the roof to the new building and now 1 1/2 years later it is done enough to hold services. They finished it in time for their first daughter to be married last November in the building! What a joy, it was Hannah and Samson’s wedding our Host of Dubai!

We have had the priviledge to be a part of firsts. The first to come to Chennai church in ten years,the first to hold a pastors conference for Sam and Beaulah. The first American to go to Dubai and minister in Pastor David’s church.  The first guest for Sam and Hannah to host.

What a joy to be led by the Spirit of God and it turn out to be true and good!


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