Chennai India

The ladies side of the church on Sunday morning. White is the traditional choice of clothing color on Sundays for all.

Day 2 of the Pastor’s conference. We are speaking on stewardship in the many areas of life, the holy calling, the bible, our families, our money and much more. The Pastor’s seem to be getting a lot out of the teachings. One said ” We have never heard teaching like this before” Chuck taught we are manager’s for God. God is like the owner of a store that you don’t see and we are his manager’s on earth taking care of business. We must do a good job for the owner. He also used the example of a tailor. Sunday, Chuck was measured for a white suit but when we picked it up Monday night it was too small. God knows our measurements and he has the right suit for you.  God knows just where to place you in life to flourish. God doesn’t take wrong measurements.

The weather is so hot,  there is not much relief. The church stays between 93 and 96 degrees with fans blowing. How do I know? There is a clock telling us the time and temperature in both the house and the Church.

We are thankful for Sam and Beaulah who gave up their bedroom to us it has an air conditioner so we shower off and rest under the nice cool air, the rest of the house stays around 88 degrees.

It is fun working with an interpreter as they come to us afterwards and say they are getting so much from the teachings. They probably learn more as they have to think through it twice!  What a job that is to hear in one language and speak it out in another.  Oh how I want to speak more than one language.

Here is a note for those of you who hate speaking to India people over the phone like with Dell and other world-wide companies. They understand their English perfectly it is yours that is hard to understand!  They don’t understand why you can’t understand them or why you accuse them of not speaking English.  It is kind of like going from Boston to New Orleans. We have had such fun at our dining room table having friends from Kenya, India, Jamaica, Peru, and Nepal all trying to communicate in English with each other. Chuck and I just sit back laugh and enjoy because each understands perfectly what they are saying with their accent and no one else can get it!  But if we take the time to listen pretty soon you can figure out the accent and understand it all.  It is kind of like listening to Jesus,  My friends be gentle in life; we live in an international world, we are connected by internet, airplanes, phones and so much more. Take time to listen.

Monday was my birthday. When I get home I am going to meet my friend Adell at IHOP so I can get my senior discount and we can share our birthday’s together.  Freda, Sam and Beaulah found out on Facebook that is was my birthday, it was also our tour day so we went to the Chennai zoo. It was really nice they had many kinds of animals and many of those animals. So you didn’t see just one in a cage but families.   We saw many of the animals of India so it was nice. They needed more signs telling about the animals.  It was also very hot and humid. Sam met a friend that works for the zoo and we ended up getting VIP treatment in a golf cart tour. We were to go to lion safari but it was getting late and we were having to wait too long. So we called it a day. I was satisfied.

They then took us to the Lemon tree Hotel and restaurant where we had a nice meal. When we exited the building it was raining and the traffic was terrible. Driving in Chennai is an experience!  Add rain and oh boy! They stopped by a bakery and purchased a cake and off we went until we got to the dirt roads our driver did very well and we made it back with out incident.  No cows sleeping no mud holes too deep.

Once home they had candles and sang to me. They have a tradition like we do with wedding cakes, the birthday person cuts the cake and gives a bite to the husband or sibling or someone. They were surprised we didn’t do the same! They said “you do” and I replied “with my hands?”   Even cake they eat with their hands and they are very good at it.   It was a nice day with many happy day greeting from family and friends via Facebook.

I got bit by something I could feel it under my dress in the taxi I have a large red rash on my thigh. Looks pretty nasty it was painful and itchy. It kind of looks like a spider bite. I am using antibiotic and anti itch cream on it. Oh what fun.

We are thankful to be here and look at the Pastors and the hard work they have to do here in their home country.  We are thankful for Sam and Beaulah and all the work in outing together this conference. For Gail Buse International Director of FCF for sending us here and helping with the cost.  We are thankful for our Pastor’s Fred and Cookie and all the support they give to us! We are thankful for The Carpenter’s Workshop Community who have been so faithful and generous and believe in this calling in our hearts and always encourage us to keep going.

We are thankful for you!

Chuck and Connie


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