Sam’s Story

Samuel 2017


My story is my mum had me when she was 20 years old with a guy who left her after she begun to get sick. After he left my mum, she become very stressed and that caused her to go into a coma. After recovering from the coma she could no longer talk and she became paralyzed in half of her body (stroke).

She had left me with my grandma who was very old and she could not work, not only was she elderly but also very poor. Unable to even buy milk for the baby (me) was a problem. My mum used to come to visit me but I was afraid of her because she could fall down anytime and unable to speak.

I never used to go to school because school fees was the greatest issue as well. But through the favor of God my mum met Pastor Victor of the Father’s House and that’s how I got help. 

I have now completed high school with good grades and believe the same God who opened a way so I could study high school will now provide for my college education. I desire to work with computers. 


WE first met Sam in 2005 as just a small boy, shy and quiet.  This past December, we asked him to speak at the Youth Advance. He stood up with boldness and said “I am going to tell you a story I have never told anyone before”.  He told us the story of his early childhood and what he went through. It was terrible and wonderful because of all he was able to overcome.  He shared how God brought him out and placed him in the children’s home. What a humbling experience for us to hear his story, to feel his pain and to see this wonderful young boy becoming a man of integrity and joy.  I introduce him to you, my friends in hopes your heart will be touched and together we can financially assist him through college. Sam has always been a deep thinker, full of quiet dreams.  Sam is a hard worker with a servant’s heart. I know he will go far. I just want to continue to be a part of his success.  Let’s make 2017 a year of dreams fulfilled.




  1. “She was the driving force behind our early childhood development.”

“Ella fue la fuerza impulsora detrás de nuestro temprano desarrollo infantil.”

  1. “She planted the seeds of leadership by modeling good behavior.”

“Ella plantó las semillas de liderazgo al moldear un buen comportamiento.”

  1. “She held us accountable and introduced us to new experiences”

“Ella nos sostuvo haciéndonos responsables y nos presentó a nuevas experiencias”

  1. “She encouraged us to participate and get involved in our surroundings.”

“Ella nos animó a participar e involucrarnos en nuestro entorno.”

  1. “She cultivated our gifts and knew when to push us out of the nest.”

“Ella cultivó nuestros dones y supo cuándo empujarnos fuera del nido.”

  1. “She allowed us to explore different activities and discover our talents.”

“Ella nos permitió explorar diferentes actividades y así descubrir nuestros talentos”

  1. “She promoted our creativity celebrated our ingenuity.”

“Ella promovió nuestra creatividad celebrando nuestro ingenio.”

  1. “She took us places and introduced us to the world around us.”

“Ella nos tomó y nos presentó todo el mundo que nos rodea.”

  1. “She was eager to compliment us when we did something well.

“Ella estaba ansiosa por felicitarnos cuando hicimos algo bueno.”

  1. “She was quick to discipline us when we were out of line.”

“Ella se apresuró a disciplinarnos cuando estábamos fuera de línea.”

  1. “She was always proud of us.

“Ella siempre estuvo orgullosa de nosotros.”

  1. “She supported our interests.”

“Ella apoyó nuestros intereses.”

  1. “She identified our gifts and bolstered our confidence.”

“Ella identificó a nuestros dones y reforzó nuestra confianza.”

  1. “She was our coach and we were her team.”

“Ella era nuestra entrenadora y nosotros fuimos su equipo.”

  1. “She created a safe environment allowing us to blossom.”

“Ella creó un ambiente seguro que nos permitió florecer.”

  1. “She taught us about true leadership by her faithful parenting.”

“Ella nos enseñó acerca del verdadero liderazgo mediante su fiel crianza.”

  1. “She set the vision for a possible future.”

“Ella puso la visión de un futuro posible.”

  1. “She established our values and beliefs.”

“Ella estableció nuestros valores y creencias.”

  1. “She provided direction, opportunities and resources.”

“Ella nos proveyó de dirección, oportunidades y recursos.”

  1. “She generously supplied encouragement and reinforcement.”

“Ella generosamente suplió aliento y reforzamiento.”

  1. “She taught us to be disciplined and develop healthy habits.”

“Ella nos enseñó a ser disciplinados y desarrollar hábitos saludables.”

  1. “She told us we could become anything if we set our mind to it.”

“Ella nos dijo que podríamos  llegar a ser cualquier cosa si poníamos nuestra mente en eso.”

  1. “She challenged us to always be and do our best.”

“Ella siempre nos desafió a ser y hacer lo mejor.”

  1. “She saw us reaching our God-given potential.”

“Ella nos vio alcanzar nuestro potencial dado por Dios.”

  1. “She regularly said to us we were someone special.”

“Ella frecuentemente nos dijo que éramos alguien especial.”

  1. “She laid down the rules and regulations of life.”

“Ella estableció las reglas y las regulaciones de vida”.

  1. “She modeled the values and beliefs to guide our behavior.”

“Ella modeló los valores y creencias que guían nuestro comportamiento”

  1. “She gave us the information we needed to understand our world.”

“Ella nos dio la información que necesitábamos para entender nuestro mundo.”

  1. “She read to us.”

“Ella leyó para nosotros.”

  1. “She played with us.”

“Ella jugó con nosotros.”

  1. “She was the moral and religious center of our home.”

“Ella era el centro moral y religioso de nuestro hogar.”

  1. “She showed us what was important by how she spent her time.”

“Ella nos mostró lo que era importante al observar la forma en la que pasaba su tiempo.”

  1. “She made us do chores.”

“Nos ayudó a hacer las tareas.”

  1. “She practiced what she preached.”

“Ella practicaba lo que predicaba.”

  1. “She was a continuous learner.”

“Ella era una estudiante incesante.”

  1. “She was always active in our community and school.”

“Ella siempre fue activa en nuestra comunidad y  escuela.”

  1. “She warned us about actions that would not be tolerated.”

“Ella nos advirtió acerca de las acciones que no deberían ser toleradas.”

  1. “She trained us well so we would not embarrass and shame her or the family.”

“Ella nos entrenó bien para que no apenar, ni avergonzarla a ella o a la familia.”

  1. “She taught us manners and polite behavior.”

“Ella nos enseñó buenos modales y un comportamiento educado.”

  1. “She showed us standards of good conduct.”

“Ella nos enseñó las normas de buena conducta.”

  1. “She lived her life by the Golden Rule.”

“Ella vivió su vida por la Regla de Oro.”

  1. “She encouraged us to express our opinions and grow our talents.”

“Ella nos animó a expresar nuestras opiniones y hacer crecer nuestros talentos.”

  1. “She instilled in us the value of hard work and how to handle money.”

“Ella nos inculcó el valor del trabajo duro y cómo manejar el dinero.”

  1. “She always saw to it that we had everything we needed.”

“Ella siempre se encargó de que tuviéramos todo lo que necesitábamos.”

  1. “She was a great source of encouragement and reinforcement.”

“Ella era una gran fuente de estímulo y fortalecimiento.”

  1. “She picked us up when we fell down and made us feel better.”

“Ella nos levantó cuando caímos y nos hizo sentir mejor.”

  1. “She always knew what to say when we were hurting.”

“Ella siempre supo qué decir cuando nos estaban hiriendo.”

  1. “She was our biggest fan”.

“Ella fue nuestra más grande fan.”

  1. “She had absolute confidence in us.”

“Ella tenía absoluta confianza en nosotros.”

  1. “She never showed favoritism among the children.”

“Ella nunca mostró favoritismo entre los niños.”

  1. “She knew there was a purpose for our lives and gave us room to find it.”

“Ella sabía que había un propósito para nuestras vidas y nos dio el espacio para encontrarlo.”

  1. “She would never abandon us even if others did.”

“Ella nunca nos abandonó, incluso si otros lo hicieron.”

  1. “She was always in our corner offering words of support, guidance and forgiveness.”

“Ella siempre estaba en la esquina que ofreciendo palabras de apoyo, guía y perdón.”

  1. “She gave us positive and realistic feedback when we did well.”

“Ella nos dio una retroalimentación  positiva y realista cuando nos fue bien.”

  1. “She checked our homework to make sure it was completed and done correctly.”

“Ella revisó nuestros  deberes para asegurarse de que estuviesen completados y hechos correctamente.”

  1. “She did not let us off the hook when we made an error in judgment.”

“Ella no nos dejó descolgados cuando  cometimos  un error de juicio.”

  1. “She held us accountable for our actions.”

“Ella nos sostuvo para responsables de nuestras acciones.”

  1. “She made the punishment fit the offense when we broke the rules.”

“Ella dio el castigo preciso ala ofensa cuando se rompieron las reglas.”

  1. “She taught us to get in the habit of always doing our very best.”

“Ella nos enseñó el hábito de hacer siempre nuestro mejor.”