Blogging is not my thing

I look back at the dates and see I lost touch somewhere in 2013, for 2 years silent on the blog page.  I have never considered myself a writer. So if you are reading this thank you!

I want to tell stories of the wonderful people we have the honor of meeting around the world. If I can tell their stories maybe I can make a difference even if it is only a little.

I love the story of the starfishes washed up on the sea shore, hundreds maybe thousands lying in the hot sun slowly dying unable to reach the ocean waters. A boy comes along and begins tossing them back into the water one by one. A fellow sees him and asks, “Why are you doing that? You can’t save them all. How can this matter?” And the boy replies as he tosses yet another starfish into the water, “It matters to this one!”

Charles K matters.

Charles, we first met in 2005, was tending a cow and serving at the children’s home. He is a diligent young man with an 8th grade education. In one of our many trips to Kenya we began to sponsor students to attend bible school; Charles decided he wanted to attend and this was his chance. HELPS made it possible for him. Charles had no idea of his own talent or abilities but when he began to attend bible school and do the lessons and take the tests something wonderful happened, it dawned on him that he could learn; he was intelligent! When Charles graduated from bible school he had a new found dream, to go back to high school and get his diploma. At this time Charles was 25. He enrolled in school! How many young men do you know that would humble themselves and return to high school at age 25? He not only returned but he graduated with high scores and now his dream is to attend Kenya University.  He needs sponsors to help him finish his education.  You can matter in this young man’s life. We can make a difference to this one. To learn more please contact us at visit our website

Charles is one of many but it matters to him!