What difference does it make?

I have in my heart to help start 3 more bible colleges in 3 different countries because of the positive impact on the attendees. We want to impart that knowledge of hope, self- worth and life skills to those who lives have not been filled with opportunities and full of pains unknown to us as Americans.

Mass grave Rwanda 80,000 bodies.

Mass grave Rwanda 80,000 bodies. 

Pastor Enock and Family

We asked our friend Pastor Enock in Rwanda “Tell me what’s happening in your world “. His reply was. “The only challenge we still have is the consequence of genocide, WIDOWS, HIV/ AIDS,  ABUSED WOMEN, ORPHANS WHO NEED SPONSORS TO STUDY, PIGYMEES WHO ARE LIVING IN THE FOREST, PEOPLE LIKE US WHO ARE STILL LIVING NAKED IN THIS 21st CENTURY!”

These are the lives we are reaching; these are the people we help.  This is one of the places we want to get a college up and running.

Now let me share some thoughts from our sponsored bible college students in Kenya.

Mary a 2013 student writes, “I joined the college as a result of my dear friend who had joined the previous year 2012. Having seen their lives changed in all areas I desired to know what they learned.  So far I have been really transformed with the teachings. I expect as I continue the course I will be fully changed not only for the sake of my life but for the church, community and the nation as a whole.  Yours, Mary.”

Salome writes, “I decided to enroll after attending my daughter’s graduation in 2012. She has changed from the person I knew, I was so proud of her and it made me desire also to learn this great wonderful things about the Lord that she talked about. I am so grateful and honored I have already learned a lot.  It is wonderful to know I am not alone.  Imagine I am 65 years old and in Bible College Oooh how great and wonderful you become younger and good looking!  Yours faithfully, Salome. “

Antony writes, “I am sincerely grateful for choosing to sponsor me to attend this precious bible school; to be equipped for the work of the ministry. I am expecting to get out of this school being fully transformed and fully prepared to that I will be more effective in my area and be able to serve with knowledge, understanding and skills.  Yours faithfully, Antony.”

The last to share is Joseph, “The thing I can say to you is that the Lord used you to be a bridge for me to reach to the place where I had a desire to go but was unable”.

Joseph describes HELPS as a bridge, others have described us as a conduit a, pipe of blessing flowing through us to others.  Can you hold up one end, can you send your blessing through to lend a helping hand?  Of Course! $10.00 per student per month or $120.00 per year.

Our friends in Rwanda greatly desire to begin a Bible school though International Scool Of Ministry (ISOM). When asked we got a Whoo Hoo! YES! We need to supply the Curriculum.

Chennai India for Sam and Beaulah, they want to begin a Bible College  up until now that they have concentrating on finishing the church building.

In Peru we are looking at supporting their effort in training others.

Lets make this a great year of service!



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