Oh the places you’ll go

Dr. Seuss wrote a book called, “Oh the Places you’ll go.” I can say that last year in the end of December I did not know what 2012 had in store for us. I am glad to say that wonderful things were in store for us and now to put some of it into words.

I learned that in spite of me, God provides.  We took on the challenges of the year in prayer and faith and we met each one.  We traveled to Peru, Dubai, India, Rwanda and Kenya. We found that with each year as we return our relationships deepen, fruit comes forth and we are enriched. We find God has been faithful in the stories young men and women tell us of how their lives have changed and blessings have over taken them. We find the fruit of our efforts with long lasting results.

Pastor Sakasaka

Rwanda is an example; Pastor Emmanuel Sakasaka was a sponsored bible student and graduate of 2009. He is now working in Rwanda teaching English in the villages outside of Kigali. He uses an English curriculum along with the leadership manual Chuck put together for the 2011 leadership conference for Kenya.

The Graduates

We had the honor of participating in the first graduating class of 49 students! It was exciting for us and for the Students.

The top students gave their speeches in English. This is an important skill as they enter into the global market as a progressive emerging nation, coming from colonization to freedom to genocide now to restoration and unity.

Top students

The need is great and we are in the middle of it standing alongside Pastor Sakasaka and his passion to teach English. We also met with several Pastors who have a passion for leadership and world outreach. Our kind of people! We look forward to working with them in the future.

Traveling on to Kenya our schedule was full preparing for the graduation of the 8th graduating class of bible school students. There are now 265 alumni, and of those we have sponsored 157 in the past six years. Because we are always looking for the most effective way to support others in their vision and callings we saw this as a great way to produce results.

IMG-20121214-01759 Pastor Anthony New building

We first met Pastor Anthony in 2005 on our first trip. Chuck visited his small village church made of tin walls. In our next visit to Kenya we strongly encouraged him to go through bible college, he did!  Each year of our return Pastor Anthony made a special effort to visit us in our meetings and each year he would ask us to visit his Church. But time and scheduling prevented us from accepting his invitation. This year we made plans for such a trip. On Friday we went by taxi to the village of Kiamwangi. The new church, still madPastor Anthony's Mom20121214-01756e of tin but larger, is just off the highway on a nice plot of land.  He called a special meeting, most of the members arrived on foot. The first woman we met was his mother, a precious woIMG-20121214-01754man. Once every one had arrived he called each member to come and sit by us as he told us their personal stories of sorrows and victories. It was a special treasure.

We met a man named Pastor Geoffrey. He introduced himself as, “I am your fruit!” He was a graduate of 2010 by the help and love of Pastor Anthony he began a church up the road in another village. He was thankful for Victor and Eunice for their obedience and devotion to have the Father’s House Bible College and reach so many. He was thankful to us for the sponsorship. Now Anthony has another man, Moses in his congregation ready to take the challenge to devote a year to training. Pray for Moses.

Bible College12  Sponsors for 2013

Those who stepped forward to sponsor a student

A significant moment happened at this year’s graduation. Chuck gave the invitation, 63 people came forward saying, “I want to go to school.”  I gave a challenge for those who graduated in previous years and were blessed to step up and sponsor a student, to give as they have received. Thirteen people stepped forward and out of those thirteen they have agreed to sponsor 31 students!  This is fruit that will remain. This is what we long for that the vision is reproduced in others!  The cost is $120 per student per year.  January 12th the School began. We will be sponsoring 49 students.  Out of those in Kenya that stood up to take the challenge to sponsor  13 students have been paid for.  Not every one kept their word.  But we are glad they were inspired and we pray that they will be able to one day.  Many people in Kenya only make  $120 a month in wages. So it is a huge step of faith but for us it is $10 month which might mean one skipped meal out or 2 cups of coffee in order to give.  the next time you send $10.00 think of what it could do for a student.


We had many wonderful days in Kenya, We spoke several times in services and held a leadership conference for Pastors. Chuck gave the commencement address to this years graduates a class of 65 Students; 45 of which we sponsored through our faithful Wednesday night  group and others that saw the value of this great investment.

Our time with the children was precious and never long enough but in order to do them justice I wrote a separate blog just for them.  James read it and took it to the home so each one could hear what I wrote and be encouraged.  I am loving facebook as there is a computer lab close to the school/home and I am getting requests to be a facebook friend with those who are old enough to have an account!

In closing we have so many invitations to nations to come.  The nations we have touched are waiting for us to come again.  With your help we can do it.  We need to do it. It is our great commission.

Thank you for taking the time to read about these wonderful people in my heart.


See other posts for reports on  the other nations we traveled to this year.


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