Tea Party

I want to share with you one of my passions and hope that you will hear my heart.

Almost 2 years ago I was sitting in my $200,000 house on 2 acres of land, with a new car, 2 beautiful boys, I had just quit a very stressful job and was then immediately blessed with a job of my dreams. I had a huge walk in closet with tons of clothes and shoes, I could go get a starbucks whenever I wanted, I could go out to eat with friends, go on dates with my husband and never worry about money (to an extent).
I remember one day my heart being heavy as my sister and her husband were in Austin, Tx trying to raise money to start a church and the funds were not coming in. My parents were launching FULL time into the development of The HELPS Organization and I got a letter in the mail from a former student of mine asking me to support her mission trip. I had another friend leaving for Turkey for 2 years and I wanted to help all of them, I wanted to give and wished I could send them all hundreds of dollars.
I have always been good at making money. Ever since I was a very young girl I had a “side hustle.” In that moment as I looked at all the Blessings the Lord had given me so undeservingly, I made this resolve to use my gifts and talents to help raise money for others instead of keeping it for myself. My first project was refinishing a desk and chair. My goal was to sell it to raise money to help support my sister. I wanted to raise $300 and I achieved my goal. Next I made new tags for my handmade jewelry stating that the proceeds would go to helping young women around the world. I then had a garage sale for HELPS and put together a Holiday Market at East Cross United Methodist. Through those events I was able to raise $2000.  Which isn’t a ton of money, but is special to me, because I would never be able to just give $2000 out of my pocket. I wish I could. Then I also regularly take items to consignment shops and send HELPS the money. I do all this because I have been blessed, I lack nothing. And I am convinced it is better to give. I want my whole life to sing praises to the one who has clothed the lilies and feeds the sparrows.Holiday MartHoliday mart 2 

This year I have continued to take items to consignment, we have done 2 HELPS garage sales and made a combined total of about $1200 and the Holiday Market is around the corner. It starts November 25th and will go through December 2nd. I want to inspire you, I want to compel you, I want to stir you to look around at your life to count your blessings and not get caught up in the culture of this world to acquire more and more, but consider blessing others with the abundance you have been given.
My next project is to have a Tea Party to introduce my Special friends to some  beautiful young women in other countries. 
Emily French Director of education for HELPS
We look forward to hearing your great ideas on how you too can do the same and make a difference for others.

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